All about refunds

Refund Policy

Fee once paid is non-refundable and non-adjustable.

If a student misses a session, he/she will be marked as absent for that class and no compensation will be provided for the same. A student attending classes in a batch will under no circumstances be allowed to attend classes from another batch to compensate the missed session or to cover up the session he/she is going to miss. Unless recommended by the faculty.

In case if any of our faculty cancels a class, then a cover up will be provided for the missed session. The studio shall remain closed only on National Holidays of India and no classes will be covered up for the same.

If we are forced to close the studio due an event out of the studios control i.e. pandemic, natural disaster, political protests, or terrorism, classes will continue to be delivered online. If a full schedule of classes are not able to be delivered online, then refund will be provided.