Virtual classes

Online Classes

Turn your home into your own dance studio!

Abstratics is taking its classes online, and all classes will be streamed live, via Zoom.

Thanks to technology we will be opening our digital doors and will be providing you with an online dance experience to keep yourselves moving, learning, interacting with their friends and having fun during this time.

We look forward to dancing with you from a distance!

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Important instructions

Internet Connection

Make sure you have seamless internet connection with good bandwidth & avoid using the mobile Internet as hotspot to participate, unless you have a strong mobile internet.

Download Zoom

Download & Install Zoom on your desktop or laptop or mobile or tablet.

Large Screen

It is preferable to open Zoom on a desktop with a larger screen so you can see clearly. If you have the capability in your home to project your PC onto a large screen TV this would be ideal.

Login to Zoom

Open Zoom app, click on join meeting and enter Meeting ID & Password which we share.

Waiting Room

We are utilizing the waiting room feature on Zoom and for security, teachers will only allow access to names they recognize. So we request everyone to rename themselves & login 5-10mins before your class schedule so that class can start ontime.

Meeting Locked

Zoom classes will be locked 10 minutes after the scheduled start time for privacy purposes.

Maintain Distance

Make sure your device is set up in a way that your body is as visible as possible, so your teacher can make corrections as necessary. Approx 6 feet away so your full body is visible.

Stay on Mute

When you join the live video call, by default your microphone will be muted. Please do stay on ‘Mute’ until your teacher asks you to un-mute your mic.

Speaker Mode

The Zoom Rooms controller lets you choose the video layout and we recommend you to always be on “Speaker” so that it displays a large view of the person currently speaking and also you can focus only on the teacher.

Raise Hand

If you are unable to follow or face any issue during the session, use Zoom emoji features to notify the instructor

Dont Share

Do not sharing the Zoom link, meeting ID & password with any of your friends or unauthorised users.

Dance Attire

Students need to be dressed for virtual class just as if they were attending classes in person.

Sufficient Space

We dont need a huge space but ensure the room you choose has sufficient space for dancing and completely avoid cement flooring. If a routine or move needs more space – safely mark the move and do not do it full out.

Landscape Mode

Always rotate your phone to change the screen orientation to landscape mode so that visibility is more for instructor.


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